Since the recent birth of my twin boys (they’re sleeping right now thank all that is holy) I’ve had the itch to write. About what? I’m not sure, but the itch needs to be scratched. I guess now that I’m a mommy I’m going to get categorized as writing a “mommy blog” but I assure you, I’m not your typical mommy and this is not going to be the typical diaper-rash-crying-babies-find-time-for-my-husband “mommy blog”.  Here is a little bit about me and how I might not be your average mommy:

  • I grew up on a farm in the Midwest, Iowa to be specific. And yes we have running water and indoor plumbing, and no we don’t drive tractors to work and school…on most days.
  • My brothers and sister are triplets, 11 years my junior. I have lots of experience with kids and multiples from a very young age. I was the babysitter in our hometown.
  • I majored in Health and Sport Studies at the University of Iowa. I’m a State of Iowa authorized coach and while I lived in Iowa coached high school volleyball. (Somewhat following in my mother’s footsteps who has coached high school volleyball for almost 15 years.)
  • My husband is Nigerian-making our sons German/Irish/Nigerian. Being in an inter-racial relationship has given me some tough skin. Surprisingly enough, our country still isn’t quite comfortable with seeing mixed race relationships. I hope my sons can be part of the change.
  • I have tattoos.  My entire left shoulder is covered with colorful flowers and designs that have meant something to me at each point in my life I’ve added them. Contrary to popular opinion, these tattoos don’t make me a goth, slut or trash. In fact, most people are surprised I have them after meeting me without seeing them. I’m working on breaking that stereotype.
  • I now reside in California, where my husband works as a web designer (here’s his site) and I’m a stay at home mama. Do I like California? The jury is still out.
  • I still haven’t quite figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I love writing, I love athletics and fitness and sports. I love photography. (here are some of my pics) I really can’t make up my mind. Maybe this blog will assist in sorting it all out.

I’m not your typical mama. This blog is going to give you the REAL skinny on life. Not the sugar coated, perfect family, lost all my baby weight the day after I gave birth, I have a great job, nice home and car-story. The REAL life of a woman struggling to find herself amidst running after twin boys, trying to find her body again after giving birth, maintaining a relationship with family across the nation, loving every second of life in her inter-racial family, dreaming of becoming a coach/photographer/writer/super-mama, and deciding on what will be her next tattoo.

Stay tuned for some adventures. My life is ANYTHING but boring.