Where were you born and raised? I was born in Nebraska, my husband in Texas and we were both raised in Iowa. He in the “big city” and I, on a farm 🙂

How many children do you have, and what are their ages? Twin boys! Julian and Isaiah born March 3, 2010.

Are pets a part of your family? Man, I have enough problems keeping my eyes open after just taking care of the boys.

Do you work outside the home? Doing what? How long? Nope. I work IN my home. I work at keeping my sanity…and I don’t consider raising my sons a job 🙂

How did you meet your spouse? When did you get married? We met in 2005  at a bar that he was a bouncer at in Iowa City while we were in college at the University of Iowa. I had a little liquid courage and though he was super hunky so I approached him. He had a concussion from playing rugby so I guess he didn’t have enough sense to say no! We were married September 25, 2009 over his lunch our in the courtroom! (We plan on having an official party sometime this year.

What are your hobbies/interests? Before kids, and after (since often hobbies go by the wayside after children arrive!)? Before babies I loved working out, playing and coaching volleyball, knitting, going on hikes and walks, going out with my friends…and after babies I still love all the same things just don’t have quite as much time for all of it!

How did you find out you were pregnant?
Long story short: Over my lunch hour on a Friday afternoon in July 2009.  I was feeling really nauseous and never have that feeling. Had had cramps for a week before that and took a pregnancy test at home over lunch just to reassure myself I wasn’t pregnant…guess I was wrong!

How/When did you find out it was multiples? We went in for a “confirmation of pregnancy” appointment at the doctor’s office to make sure everything was ok before I moved across the country. (My then fiance lived in California) Doc said I was big for my gestational age (8 weeks) so they did an ultrasound to figure things out…I ended up seeing 2 babies!

What was your/your spouse’s/your other children’s reaction? Since he lived in CA at the time, I had to tell him over the phone. At first he wouldn’t even answer the phone because he was still sleeping! THE SUSPENSE! HA! When we were finally able to talk he was really quiet. (He gets that way when he has to process big news) He called me back later and was very happy and excited, he just needed a little bit to let it sink in!

How did your multiple pregnancy go? Perfectly. I had no morning sickness, didn’t puke once. I had some food and smell aversions throughout but that was it. Had the usual pregnancy aches and pains and of course, I was ENORMOUS. By the end I was SO ready to be done.

When were they born (how many weeks?) I went into L&D for my 3rd time on March 3, 2010 because I was having contractions every 5 minutes. I was 36 weeks exactly. After getting hooked up they determined my contractions were 2 min apart and it was pointless to stop labor at that point. A couple ours later, I was taken in for a C-Section.  Julian was born at 11:07 pm, Isaiah at 11:08. The single GREATEST moments of my life.

How did their first few weeks of life go? They were perfectly healthy! Both boys had a little issue keeping body temp up the 1st day so they brought a heated bed into our room. Other than a little jaundice, the boys were in our room the whole time and we went home 3 days later. Couldn’t have asked for it to be any better.
How old are they now? They are 10 weeks!

What have you found most wonderful about having multiples? It never gets boring, that’s for sure! Just when one baby makes you smile, the other does something completely adorable and you can’t believe your heart can have so much love!

What have you found most challenging? All of it is challenging! But so rewarding 🙂 I’d say the hardest is going places with them when they’re fussy and I’m alone.

Did you have nicknames for the kids while you were pregnant? Just twin A and twin b, or left twin, right twin. Boring! I know.

Did you have any pregnancy cravings? At the beginning I wanted mashed potatoes. Then it was Froot Loops. Then it was macaroni and cheese. And pretty much throughout it was anything sweet.

What do you think your kids will be when they grow up? I have no idea! I can’t even think that far in the future. Chikezie and I have already talked though that we’ll support anything they do (well almost anything) as long as they do it the best they can!

How did you decorate your kids’ room? Well, their changing table and bed is in our room for now. In a few months when we try to get them to sleep on their own we’ll start decorating a room for them. Probably retro/vintage/foresty.

What do you wish someone had told you, before your multiples were born? I wish somebody would have reassured me that having a c-section and not breastfeeding would be ok, too. I had a lot of anxiety about not having a vaginal delivery and not being cut out for breastfeeding. It turns out, everything is ok! My babies still arrived here healthy and happy 🙂 And we’re all doing quite fine!

What is your favorite room in the house?
The bathroom. It’s the one place where I am alone and when I turn on the shower I and the fan I can’t hear anything else! A good soak in the tub doesn’t hurt.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Laughing at how cute my babies sad faces are LOL I know it’s bad but I can’t help how cute they are!

What is the best way to cure hiccups? There’s no cure! I don’t even try anymore.

What is your secret talent? I play piano and can play a few other instruments. It’s not really a secret though.

How many weddings have you been in? I was the flower girl when my parents got married when I was 3. And in 8th grade I lit candles at a 2nd cousins wedding haha. I don’t have a lot of close girl friends who’ve gotten married.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing with you, what would it be? A manual on how to survive on a desert island.

What was your dream job as a child? I wanted to be a writer! I’ve always loved writing, even as a child.

What is your greatest DIY achievement? Growing my babies. It was the hardest, yet greatest thing I’ve ever done.

What is your favorite board game? Scategories! I can think of some really random stuff.

What store(s) do you shop at the most? Probably Ralph’s. (for all you Midwesterners, Ralph’s is a grocery store here) And Target.

What countries have you visited? Sadly, I’ve only been here in the United States. Someday I hope we can go back to Nigeria, though.

What is your favorite food? Gummy Bears!! And Milk.

What would you never eat, and why? Fish. I can’t stand the smell or taste.

What makes you happy? Spending time with those I love.

What makes you angry? Not a lot ticks me off. I’d say people being inconsiderate and gossipy can really get me.