You can take the girl out of Iowa…but you can’t take the Iowa out of the girl 🙂


Nothing feels so good as a new pair of running shoes:

I bought them on Sunday and so far…so good. I haven’t felt the usual “breaking in” aches and pains yet and did a 5k on the treadmill today. I’ve been working my butt off this week so let’s hope the scale reflects that. I woke up walked 4 miles with the stroller earlier this week, lifted weights yesterday, did yoga in the morning and walked to and around the mall for a couple hours and woke up this morning today and ran. My lower back aches, my back and shoulders are sore from lifting-and let’s not even talk about my abs! And let’s just call it fate that in my Special K box was a 10 Minute Solutions Ab work out DVD.

Good bye weight…feels good!

So I’m thinking of joining a mothers of multiples group here in Orange County. While I was with the boys at the Spectrum today, (the awesome outdoor mall 2 blocks from my house) I saw so many women with double strollers and kids looking the same age. I thought it was kind of weird to see so many twins on one occasion! Well, while I was in Target looking for Mother’s Day cards and the boys were both having a meltdown at the SAME TIME, a woman started talking to me and it turns out there was a Saddleback Mothers of Multiples meeting today at the Spectrum. Of course she would start talking to me about her twins right when mine were struggling to maintain their composure. I’ve gotten much more comfortable taking the kids places and it’s been really convenient the mall is so close. This gives me a place to take them that is out in the open and has lots of areas of shade for me to sit down and feed them or soothe whoever is hating life at the moment. So while in Target, I didn’t feel too stressed out when both babies were crying…I handled the situation quickly. Snapped on the Bjorn, secured Julian in and got Isaiah to suck on his pacifier long enough to soothe himself back to sleep. Babies cried for maybe 30 seconds tops. Problem solved!

I’ve learned going places requires a lot more planning ahead and time to prepare but we’re not completely debilitated because we have twins. I’ve decided I don’t want to be confined to my home because I’m scared to take twins somewhere.  I made sure I pack one bottle for each boy, burp cloths, couple diapers and wipes, sunscreen, bibs, change of clothes in case somebody has a blow out and our pacifiers. We usually eat right before I go so they’re nice and sleepy as we leave. Usually both boys are screaming the second I put them in the stroller but they instantly quiet the moment we step out in the hallway and they feel the breeze and hear all the outside noises.  At this point I’m not afraid of screaming or puking or diaper explosions…we’ll get it taken care of and babies quieted and who cares if people stare! (Attention from people on the other hand is a WHOLE different topic for another blog I’ll post soon)

So as the mother in Target pushed away her perfectly calm kids she told me “Don’t worry, it gets easier.” And as  I look back on the past few weeks I must say, it’s definitely looking that way.

Today there is no need for a bunch of long winded blabbing….just some cute dudes to stare at. I absolutely love these little creatures.

Holy crap time flies when you’re locked in babyland! I can’t believe my little men are 2 months old already! To be honest, I can’t say it feels like it went fast, it kind of feels like they were born forever ago. My days have slowly started meshing together and I’ve started to lose track of all time.  Because the boys were born 4 weeks early, their adjusted age is actually 4 weeks.  Here’s a little look at our amazing little dudes:

Meet Julian:

Baby J

  • Good sleeper. Once he falls asleep can sleep for longer periods of time than his brother.
  • Patient. When hungry in the mornings he’ll lay around grunting forever before he’ll actually start crying. Sometimes he’ll even fall back to sleep!
  • Has perfected the pouty lips. Makes the best sad face on the planet.
  • Loves to cuddle and sleep on/with Mama and Daddy.
  • Will sleep forever if put in the stroller and rolled around outside.
  • Chugs bottles of milk…fast eater just like Daddy.
  • Gave me a couple of REAL smiles this morning while we were playing together.
  • Sleeps more during the morning but is awake more in the afternoon.

Meet Isaiah:


  • Grunts and growls like a monster, especially when waking up.
  • If he’s hungry, he’s HUNGRY. Won’t wait for food without putting on a big show.
  • Takes his sweet time while eating.
  • VERY social. He loves to talk with Mama and Daddy. Gets really excited when we talk and throws his head back and opens his mouth and coos.
  • Independent. Can sit in his swing for 30-45 minutes awake and content without falling asleep. Julian would have fallen asleep or cried for attention with that amount of time.
  • Can only ride in the stroller for like an hour or so before he wakes up and wants out.
  • Very awake in the mornings but sleeps longer after lunch.

They are both very different but also alike in many ways. They both love being outside and pushed around in the stroller. They both also are pretty good during car rides. They can both roll from tummy to back (they accomplished this at 4 weeks). Both have great head/neck control and strength. We’ve also outgrown all of the newborn clothing and are on to 0-3 mos sizes. The pants fit Julian’s longer legs better but are tighter on Isaiah’s belly as he’s a little shorter and fatter. They both can stare at faces for a long period of time, and can follow me with their eyes when I walk by. They love when I hum or talk in their ears and love playing “Superman” with Daddy.

I can’t wait to see what changes happen in the next couple of months. Being a mother to twins is a completely tiring/amazing/hectic/challenging/rewarding experience! I learn something new about these little people everyday 🙂

Just as I bragged about my netflix last night, our Xbox is having issues connecting to the internet so no netflix for me today. No, I don’t just sit around watching TV all day, but it’s nice to have something to watch while feeding and rocking babies…so I decided it was time to go back through our extensive DVD collection. First choice of movie for the day Hairspray! This movie always puts me in a good mood 🙂 What a good message about acceptance of different people-all shapes and sizes and colors! I first saw Hairspray during college at Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa. It was the last show of their run in Iowa City and it was so much fun. The performers always seem to let loose on the last night so there was a lot of laughter and improv-so fun!
I love live performance. I’ve been to quite a few live performances (not just concerts) in my day and there’s nothing like a live show. We had tickets to see the Lion King in San Diego for my birthday last October but ended up getting stuck in traffic on our way down and missed the show. I just found out though, that the Lion King will be at the Orange County Performing Arts Center next month and we’re totally going! Mama and Daddy need some alone time and since Lion King is Chikezie’s favorite I’m stoked we get a second chance to see the the show.
If you haven’t seen many live performances in your lifetime (and once again I’m not just talking about concerts) I recommend going to a show somewhere near you. The performers are SO talented and for a short time you get to see things unedited and real, as they are intended to be. I plan on taking the boys shows when they get older, I want them to have the experiences I’ve had watching musicals, plays, orchestras, and ballets live. I have so many good memories experiencing the arts and as much as I love athletics and sports, I’d love the boys to know performance art and culture. In my opinion, exposing your kids to all different kinds of entertainment and life will create more well rounded people, and maybe give them ideas on what they would like to try.  Only a couple more years and we’ll be doing family outings to things like this!
My favorite song from the movie:

We’ve decided paying for cable is lame and there is so much garbage on tv so we’ve dedicated our lives to Netflix via xbox live. I tell you, it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made together. The only time this is an inconvenience is during football season, and I’m thinking we may succumb to cable during that time. Gotta have me some Hawkeye football!

Anywho, we’ve been meaning to start watching Arrested Development as we’ve heard it’s a good show. Last night we started watching and omg I’m addicted! This show is absolutely HILL.ARI. OUS. It’s so witty I feel like I need to re-watch each episode because every line is hilarious. Even the characters have funny names- Michael Cera’s character (skinny kid from Superbad/Juno) is George Michael. Will Arnett is Gob (pronounced Jobe) LOL. They have a weird brother named Buster and the sister’s daughter’s name is Maeby (yep, like the word maybe)

I HIGHLY recommend you watch this show. I’ve found the funny shows to be a good comic relief when I’m super stressed from mama life. I know there’s 432 other things I need to be doing today, but right now I’m just relaxing on the couch with my studly men (who at 1:30 pm are FINALLY asleep at the same time).

Thank you Netflix, you’ve made this mama’s day. 🙂

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