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Mama Loves: Eyebrow Threading

So, yesterday was Mother’s Day (happy belated Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mamas out there!) and I had an afternoon of relaxation. My amazingly awesome hubby brought me flowers, some chocolate, which I really don’t need but was delicious, and a one hour relaxation body massage. I have been DYING for a massage since I was pregnant. And now that I’ve been working out, my back muscles definitely could use a good rubbin’. It was absolutely heavenly! I was so lubed up with lotions when I walked out of the day spa that I practically slid out of my flip flops! Afterward, I was in such a “pamper myself” mood, I decided I had time to get my eyebrows waxed. I trekked to the mall, and while walking around I found a place that does eyebrow threading. If you haven’t heard of eyebrow threading, this girl has a good video on youtube showing how she threads her own eyebrows. Basically they take a long string and tie it in a loop. They twist the loop so there is a series of twists in the center, making the string look like a bow-tie. Then, with a series of twists of the string over the desired hairs, are able to pluck them out. Some of the benefits of eyebrow threading over other types of hair removal:

  • It lasts longer. People have said it’s 3-4 weeks before they notice hairs returning.
  • It’s easy on sensitive skin, whereas waxing can irritate skin.
  • It gives a more accurate eyebrow shape versus waxing, as you are able to pluck single hairs if necessary or a straight line with a long twist of the string.

The overall experience lasted probably the same amount of time as waxing and it cost me $10. As far as pain goes, I won’t lie, it did hurt. Just the same as plucking or waxing though. I mean, you are ripping hairs out of your face! I don’t think it would ever not hurt. But I’m definitely happy with the results, I didn’t have a lot of redness and swelling like I have after waxing and my eyebrow shape looks good. I’m just glad I got anything done! I was starting to look like Burt. It’s amazing what motherhood can do to your time.

Overall, very relaxing Mother’s Day and a new way to avoid a uni-brow! GREAT SUCCESS!