Holy spare tire, Batman! Mama is having some issues making the time to exercise this week. The boy’s schedule is really weird at night which is resulting in me getting zero sleep or maybe a few hours. One night they’ll sleep from 10pm-3am. The next night they sleep from 10pm – 12am-3am-6am…oh wait that was last night. I always just feel like blaming everything on a growth spurt, but in all actuality they won’t hit their next growth spurt until 3 months, which gives me another couple weeks, or a few weeks depending on their adjusted age. Well, their adjusted age always confuses me because I never know when it counts or not so we’ll just go with their actual age; they’ll have a growth spurt at 3 months (or in like 2 1/2 weeks-ish) Wow, I really just went way into left field didn’t I? Oh well. Anywho, I haven’t done anything to break a sweat since Saturday! I know, like, a whole week almost. I will tonight, though. One day at a time, right?

The weight loss competition I started went from 10 people to 5 people faster than I can say “cellulite”.  We had an injury, a couple no shows and a surgery that took down our numbers but I think we’re still going to stick this thing out. That means I better get my hiney in gear. I think one thing that may keep me on my toes a little more will be posting my progress on here. There’s something about a bunch of people knowing your real weight, and having to report back to them each week that may put a fire under my expanded tush. Having to tell you that I didn’t lose anything or suck at working out could get a little embarrassing. So, without further adu, my weight and measurements. And a couple of pictures to motivate me.

Starting weight: 176.5

Goal weight: 158, my pre-pregnancy weight.

Measurements: Arm-12. Chest-37.5. Waist (at belly button)- 37. Hips-42. Thigh- 24. Calf-14.

HA! My chest and waist are the same size LOL! Pregnancy totally changes your body shape!

Ok well, I hope I don’t regret this. Ya’ll know the REAL me now. Here’s to staying motivated!

Me. A few years ago tailgating. Don't worry about the beer.