Right now, Isaiah is snoozing soundly in the swing and Julian is at my feet in his bouncy chair as I bounce him up and down with my foot, careful not to stop as he’ll probably get mad if I do. I’m trying to watch this episode of Lost on tv AND drink my large cup of coffee at the same time. Last night/this morning went a little like this:

12:30 am-Isaiah wakes up hungry-Daddy feeds him so Mama can keep sleeping.

1:00 am- Julian wakes up hungry- I ask Daddy to feed him as Isaiah wakes back up and wants a little to top off the tank.

4:20 am- Both boys wake up crying and hungry. Daddy fell asleep on the couch earlier so I just let him stay there 🙂 Plus it gives me the whole bed to snuggle with my boys. I heat up two bottles, put one boppy next to me on the bed and one around my waist. I feed both boys at the same time. Pulling both up to my chest to burp at the same time. Julian passed right out after 4.5 oz but Isaiah kept squirming and fighting sleep after finishing his 5 oz, so I let him finish his brother’s .5 and he eventually fell asleep. Both boys usually fall asleep on my chest and I’m able to maneuver them off and next to me in bed without waking anybody up. (Yep they slept with me! Co-sleeping will be a topic for a future blog!)

7:05 am- After probably 20 minutes of grunting and squirming, Julian finally wakes up and decides he’s hungry. I hold him for awhile and can’t find a pacifier near so let him suck on my finger for a few minutes. I laugh at his cute little mouth as it searches for something to suck on. His eyes are closed and he reminds me of a little piglet.  I try to help him find his thumb, which he sucks on for a couple minutes then lets out a hardy yell telling me enough messing around! I sit in my chair in the kitchen, boppy around my waist to support my arm (they’re getting heavy!) and feed him until I hear Isaiah crying in the bedroom. By this time Julian has had enough to keep him content so I put him in a bouncy chair next to the table and get Isaiah up.

7:20 am- both boys are in their bouncy seats on the kitchen floor as I sit next to them holding bottles. I burp one at a time until everyone is happy.  I move back up to the chair, holding Isaiah as I bounce Julian’s seat with my foot. He eventually falls asleep and Isaiah is ready to play. I put him on the floor on his activity mat and turn on the music. He LOVES laying there and looking at all the colors. I wash the bottles we used last night and this morning and put on a pot of coffee. Julian starts to get mad.

8:00 am- Daddy leaves for work. Julian has to cry for a couple minutes while I get dressed, put in contacts, brush teeth, etc. as fast as I can. By this time Isaiah is getting annoyed with laying on the floor so both boys are now crying. They have to lay there for a couple minutes while I warm up a couple more ounces of milk for both.

8:10 am- We’re sitting on the couch, one boppy on each side of me, both boys drinking their bottles. Isaiah falls asleep, Julian is wide awake and smiling and ready to play.  I put him on the floor in the activity mat. Isaiah wakes up and starts to fuss.

8:30 am- Isaiah goes to his swing and falls asleep almost instantly. (He loves that thing and I think of it as Isaiah’s swing, as Julian loves the bouncy seat more). I have time to make myself some oatmeal and get my cup of coffee. I sit at my computer at the table and enjoy both boys content for a little while. These moments are sometimes few and far between. I notice that Julian may be left handed. When he plays on his mat, he always reaches with his left hand and turns to the left…Isaiah always to the right.

8:45 am- Julian is done playing on the mat so I put him in his bouncy seat again…where I sit currently, bouncing him with my foot. He falls alseep like this every time.

9:30- I’m still here typing this post and as Julian sleeps soundly in his bouncy chair-I see Isaiah starting to squirm and wiggle in his swing. Maybe he’ll fall back to sleep. I’ve gotten almost a full hour of time to myself 🙂

Who knows what the next few hours will bring.  Being a stay-at-home Mama is ANYTHING but boring when you have twin boys. I still have so much around my house that needs to get done right now…but sitting here while they’re quiet, sipping my coffee and enjoying the calmness is ok for now.

Best job EVER.