So I’m thinking of joining a mothers of multiples group here in Orange County. While I was with the boys at the Spectrum today, (the awesome outdoor mall 2 blocks from my house) I saw so many women with double strollers and kids looking the same age. I thought it was kind of weird to see so many twins on one occasion! Well, while I was in Target looking for Mother’s Day cards and the boys were both having a meltdown at the SAME TIME, a woman started talking to me and it turns out there was a Saddleback Mothers of Multiples meeting today at the Spectrum. Of course she would start talking to me about her twins right when mine were struggling to maintain their composure. I’ve gotten much more comfortable taking the kids places and it’s been really convenient the mall is so close. This gives me a place to take them that is out in the open and has lots of areas of shade for me to sit down and feed them or soothe whoever is hating life at the moment. So while in Target, I didn’t feel too stressed out when both babies were crying…I handled the situation quickly. Snapped on the Bjorn, secured Julian in and got Isaiah to suck on his pacifier long enough to soothe himself back to sleep. Babies cried for maybe 30 seconds tops. Problem solved!

I’ve learned going places requires a lot more planning ahead and time to prepare but we’re not completely debilitated because we have twins. I’ve decided I don’t want to be confined to my home because I’m scared to take twins somewhere.  I made sure I pack one bottle for each boy, burp cloths, couple diapers and wipes, sunscreen, bibs, change of clothes in case somebody has a blow out and our pacifiers. We usually eat right before I go so they’re nice and sleepy as we leave. Usually both boys are screaming the second I put them in the stroller but they instantly quiet the moment we step out in the hallway and they feel the breeze and hear all the outside noises.  At this point I’m not afraid of screaming or puking or diaper explosions…we’ll get it taken care of and babies quieted and who cares if people stare! (Attention from people on the other hand is a WHOLE different topic for another blog I’ll post soon)

So as the mother in Target pushed away her perfectly calm kids she told me “Don’t worry, it gets easier.” And as  I look back on the past few weeks I must say, it’s definitely looking that way.