Just as I bragged about my netflix last night, our Xbox is having issues connecting to the internet so no netflix for me today. No, I don’t just sit around watching TV all day, but it’s nice to have something to watch while feeding and rocking babies…so I decided it was time to go back through our extensive DVD collection. First choice of movie for the day Hairspray! This movie always puts me in a good mood 🙂 What a good message about acceptance of different people-all shapes and sizes and colors! I first saw Hairspray during college at Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa. It was the last show of their run in Iowa City and it was so much fun. The performers always seem to let loose on the last night so there was a lot of laughter and improv-so fun!
I love live performance. I’ve been to quite a few live performances (not just concerts) in my day and there’s nothing like a live show. We had tickets to see the Lion King in San Diego for my birthday last October but ended up getting stuck in traffic on our way down and missed the show. I just found out though, that the Lion King will be at the Orange County Performing Arts Center next month and we’re totally going! Mama and Daddy need some alone time and since Lion King is Chikezie’s favorite I’m stoked we get a second chance to see the the show.
If you haven’t seen many live performances in your lifetime (and once again I’m not just talking about concerts) I recommend going to a show somewhere near you. The performers are SO talented and for a short time you get to see things unedited and real, as they are intended to be. I plan on taking the boys shows when they get older, I want them to have the experiences I’ve had watching musicals, plays, orchestras, and ballets live. I have so many good memories experiencing the arts and as much as I love athletics and sports, I’d love the boys to know performance art and culture. In my opinion, exposing your kids to all different kinds of entertainment and life will create more well rounded people, and maybe give them ideas on what they would like to try.  Only a couple more years and we’ll be doing family outings to things like this!
My favorite song from the movie: